Change is afoot!


I’ve decided I’m going to make some changes to this blog!

So far, I’m thinking about consolidating my separate store for prints with this blog, so that potential buyers won’t have to be redirected outside of the site. Before, I was using Visual Society  to sell some of my photos, but to be honest, I’ve only made a handful of sales since last year. Convincing people to buy a print is harder than pulling teeth sometimes!

The plan now is to have a dedicated store right here on the same site where visitors can buy and download digital copies of some of my work, for personal or commercial use. This would be a great way to advertise some of my services as a Freelance Photographer too! Imagine being able to make your own prints of one of my epic shots from Laguna Seca!

Here are some other things I’m considering:

  • More articles and stories: I’m always off on some random adventure, whether it’s driving a new road, visiting a new place, or attending another car show; I’d like to write about it more. I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than a few things to write about! I’d also like to write about cars that interest me, like strange and random one-offs and prototypes that never made it past the pre-production stage.
  • VIDEOS: I recently just upgraded my WordPress account, so now I can host videos! I’ve got plenty of videos I’ve never shared outside of my Instagram!
  • Adspace: I know, not everyone likes ads. Hell, I almost never turn off my Ad Blocker when visiting other sites. I’ve got to keep the lights on somehow though, and selling adspace on the site is a manageable way to do it. I promise there won’t be any weird stuff. Unless you’re into that. I’m not judging :).

Stay Tuned!


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