About Corkscrew’d

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When I was just a small boy, I was sitting inside my mother’s old Jeep Cherokee at a gas station in the suburbs of Washington D.C. At the time, I thought all cars pretty much looked the same: boxy, bland, and uninspiring. That was until a low-slung, menacing red car rolled to a stop and bellowed until the engine shut off. It was a Lamborghini Countach, and up until that point, I had no idea cars could look or sound like that! Soon after, the driver let me sit in this beast of a car while he turned it on. From the smell of the high-octane fuel and the sensation of the V12 engine rumbling like rolling thunder; I was hooked! From that point on, I became obsessed with cars.

Since then, I’ve had many adventures. From being a 13-year-old watching Paul Newman spin out at the first-ever Porsche Rennsport Reunion, to shooting behind the fences of Laguna Seca, my journey is far from over. I originally started this website as a portfolio for some of my best work when I first started photography. Now, it’s evolved into a monument for my obsession.

With Corkscrew’d, I want to share this obsession with anyone whose pulse quickens whenever they hear a V12. This is a website dedicated to documenting car culture in the Bay Area and its evolution from the golden age of V8s and carburetors to lithium batteries and AC motors, and beyond.

I hope that this website will feed your obsession too.

Wayne Torres-Rivera,
Author, Photographer, and Creator of Corkscrew’d