Blackhawk Cars and Coffee – June 3rd 2018

It’s with sad hands that I type this gallery entry.

Do you remember when I wrote about the problems Blackhawk Cars and Coffee was facing when they closed for season in October 2017? The gathering was facing all sorts of scrutiny from different groups due to the sheer size of the show, which at it’s peak must have been over 400 cars. All kinds of problems started rearing their ugly heads though. For example, the venue was suddenly too small for the gathering, hooligans kept revving their engines despite the noise complaints, and (in some sort of display of machismo or jackassery; take your pic) a driver jumping a traffic circle while spinning their tires leaving the mall.

However, the final nail in the coffin came from an unexpected source; The departure of longtime show-runner Tim McGrane. Without his focus and ability to juggle multiple things at once, The Blackhawk Museum decided once and for all to end Blackhawk Cars and Coffee when a suitable replacement for Mr. McGrane could not be found.

Although I am incredibly happy for Mr. McGrane finding himself as the CEO of SCRAMP (the people who lovingly care for Laguna Seca), it’s sad to see this legendary car show end. On the bright side, I was able to experience it one last time at the second-to-last show; around the time Mr. McGrane announced his departure.

So enjoy these shots, because it’s very unlikely that Blackhawk will ever have a show like this again.

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