Canepa Cars and Coffee – June 10th 2017

Once again, Canepa Cars and Coffee has proven to be another must-see show in the Bay Area!

The collection of vehicles present at this show made for an impressive display, and featured the appearance of “Big Bertha”, Blastolene’s first custom car. Powered by a 1000 cubic inch V12 from the Seagraves Fire Truck Company and converted to run on propane, Big Bertha dwarfed everything around her at the entrance to Canepa!

At this show, I had a chance to explore the Canepa Motorsports Museum and I sat face to face with several automotive legends, like the Mercedes-Benz W196R Streamliner, the Audi R15 TDI Le Mans Prototype, the Rothmans Porsche 962C, and the Porsche 917 “Kurzheck” No. 015. To my surprise and excitement the rest of the shop was opened to the public, so  I managed to see the storage area where they keep other notable pieces of automotive history, including a newly recovered Ford GT40 Mk1 that was hidden away in a California garage for decades!

Everything pales in comparison however to meeting Bruce Canepa himself, who was entertaining visitors with a funny anecdote about the impossibility of having accurate paint colors for vintage Porsches! This Cars and Coffee had something for everyone, and this photographer will remember this particular eventfor a long time!

See the rest of the collection here!

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