Exotics on Broadway 2019

Last year, I managed to get away from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca long enough to witness one of the hottest shows of Monterey Car Week! Exotics on Cannery Row was bright, loud, and incredible! All kinds of rare machines passed through the crowds like sharks swimming through a school of nervous fish! I also remember the distinct feeling of nearly losing one’s hearing when one of the drivers decides their car isn’t loud enough! Exotics om Broadway was no different!

This year, Exotics on Cannery Row was moved to Seaside, where Broadway street was closed off to put some legendary machines on display. The new Exotics on Broadway ended up being just as popular as last year’s show! Koenigsegg was out in force with the new Jesko, alongside the Regera and the Agera Final Edition twins Thor and Vader! Christian Von Koenigsegg himself was there autographing posters!

While the new show was epic, I still kind of miss the neon lights of Cannery Row. I might have to make a point about hanging out there more often!

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