Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee – July 20th 2019

During the September 15th 2018 Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee, the total number of cars present at the show surpassed 400 cars. This was the biggest show of that year, nearly surpassing Blackhawk Cars and Coffee. Last weekend, Cars and Coffee came back to the legendary race track. This time, the record set last year was broken as more than 500 cars had shown up at the track!

Among the cars were some truly unique machines! Present was an MG B GT with a Buick V8 and 180 Degree headers! It sounded just like a Ford GT40! Also there was a Studebaker Wagonaire, and even an Alfa Romeo Montreal!

There was almost too much to shoot there. Luckily, I brought a friend to shoot with me. It was his first time at Laguna Seca, so of course, what better way to introduce him to the track than through the Cars and Coffee?

Special thanks to Luke Ilmberger. Check out his portfolio here!