Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee – November 9th 2019

The last Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee of the year was a doozy!

The last Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee of the season was the biggest show of the year with over 500 cars coming down to the historic race track! Among some of the amazing cars on display was a pristine Shelby Series 1, and an actual Bugatti Chiron! That car alone is probably worth more than half of the cars that were at the show!

The most exciting display, however, had to be the Horseless Carriage Club making an appearance with several pre-WWI machines! There were cars there that were more than 100 years old, and were still driving machines! Each one was gorgeous, including a Pierce-Arrow, an Overland, and a Locomobile! You never know what might show up at Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee!

I was excited to be there at the track again seeing these wonderful machines. Also, I was equally excited to test out a new lens I picked up from an antique fair the week prior. I found a stellar Nikon Nikkor S-Auto 50mm f/1.4 lens, and I needed to test it out. I kept the camera in Aperture Priority mode and stepped the lens aperture down to f/2, and then I went at it. The result was amazing! Though the lens was a little difficult to use (the adapter throws off the focus through the viewfinder a smidge; I had to use the display screen instead), the photos came out crisp, with some beautiful creamy backgrounds! There’s simply nothing like using a vintage lens, and this particular lens is a keeper!

Check out the gallery and see for yourself. Do you think this lens is a keeper? Let me know in the comments!

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