Orinda Cars and Coffee – July 15th 2018

Not even 24 hours after the new Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee opened I was in Orinda the next day for a smaller gathering of cars and car nuts!

Orinda Cars and Coffee felt like an actual coffee break compared to the the much larger Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee, which was great when you wanted to hang out with your fellow gearheads and have lengthy conversations. I even decided to use one of my vintage lenses to shoot the show!

I managed to put my newly-acquired Shinsen Miata (bumper defects and all) on display again next to another much cleaner Miata, and across from a Ferrari Testarossa! This show may be small, but it’s not without it’s surprises!

Shot with my Rebel T5i and a Canon FD F1.8 50MM.


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