Orinda Cars and Coffee – July 21st 2019

As if Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee weren’t enough, the day after was another show! Orinda Cars and Coffee was having it’s monthly meeting again! Still sore from the day before, I brought my Shinsen Miata out again and sped towards Orinda. Bombing through some choice country roads, I think she was a little mad at me!

I ended up being the first one there, which gave me plenty of time to set up my camera. Just like Laguna Seca, this month’s Orinda Cars and Coffee may have been the biggest one it’s ever had, with at least 30-40 different cars coming for a visit! Among the cars were an insanely rare Abarth Coupe Scorpione Allemano, A genuine Citro├źn 2CV, and even an Amphicar!

I’m glad I managed to crawl out of bed that morning!

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