Skyline Matsuri 2019

Sometimes, the stars align and you get to experience something special!

This past weekend was no different because I got to be a part of the FIRST EVER gathering of JDM Nissan Skylines in the Bay Area; Skyline Matsuri! Everything from the R32 to the R34 M-Spec Nür was present when we cruised past the Briones Reservoir from Martinez and descended upon Japantown, San Francisco for lunch! Of course, my camera was clicking away and capturing every amazing moment!

Finally, we journeyed to Fort Baker for a photo shoot at Horseshoe Bay looking over at the water with The Golden Gate Bridge. Yours truly conducted the photo shoot with the help of some friends old and new!

Thanks to Todd Lappin for organizing Skyline Matsuri 2019! And special thanks to Jon, Sam, and Arielle Rosner!