The 8th Annual British Fall Classic

Still exhausted from the 30th Anniversary Miata Reunion the day before, I made it down to Morgan Hill for the 8th Annual British Fall Classic for a chance to see some beautiful British machines! Running on just 4 hours of sleep, I drove down in the early hours of the morning to deliver a friend’s car to put on display.

I’m glad I came down too because there were two Lotus Europas across from us at the Lotus Corral! One was a clean “Federalized” Lotus Europa S2 Twin Cam, finished in “Bahamas Yellow.” The other was a customized black Europa with a Ford Ecotec 2.0L engine from an NC Mazda Miata! I’ve always had an obsession with the Lotus Europa, so I was glad to look at some stellar examples up close!

Also, I ended up running into some friends from Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee and hung out after the show. That was one of the most fun dinners I’ve ever been a part of! The true highlight of the 8th Annual British Fall Classic had to be seeing my friend win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for his vintage Lotuses! It was the first time we’ve ever done a clean sweep with his collection of vintage Lotuses! We’re hoping to repeat the feat next weekend at the All-British Car Show at Blackhawk!

See you again soon!

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