The Mecum Monterey Auction 2017 – Wednesday, August 16th

Last week, I got the chance of a lifetime and got media access to The 2017 Mecum Monterey Auctions! Imagine being mere inches away from some beautiful machines while bidders are furiously outbidding each other for the chance to own them!

Exploring the golf course where most of the items that would be auctioned off resided, I came face to face with automobiles that I only knew about in books, like the McLaren-Mercedes SLR, a Ferarri 365/4 GTB, and even a Studebaker Avanti!

However, most of the action was inside the auction tent, an some nearly priceless machines went across the block and into the hands of some very wealthy people. Perhaps the most enrapturing objects that passed through the block were some beautiful motorcycles, including a 1938 Indian motorcycle, and a gorgeous 1957 MV Agusta. Check out the art-deco style of the engine block on the MV Agusta!

Stay tuned for some more pictures from the second day of the auctions! You can also see the rest of the pictures here.

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