The Mini Owners Association’s All British Car Show 2018

It seems that the Spirit of Blackhawk Cars and Coffee lives on in some of these gatherings on the parking lot!

This year, the All British Car Show by the Mini Owner’s Association of America returned to Danville this past October to bring visitors a spectacle of some incredible vintage British motorcars and motorcycles. Nearly all of the major marques were represented; Jaguar, Lotus, MG, Jensen, and of course the venerable Mini were present!

Of course, the show had several show-stoppers! A bonafide Allard J2X made it all the way from Sacremento all shiny and chrome! A real AJS Motorcycle resplendent in black and chrome was present in the motorcycle corral! There was even a Lotus 23B that was street legal! That car ended up taking 1st prize for the Lotus group.

It was nice to return to the parking lot where Blackhawk once held it’s Cars and Coffee for a smaller, more inclusive gathering. I think the future of car shows like these are smaller, with an eclectic collection of machines present.

But, I do miss the spectacle of 400+ cars crammed into a mall parking lot!


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