The New Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee – July 14th 2018

In my last portfolio entry, I talked about how Blackhawk was unfortunately ending due to a myriad of different circumstances; including the departure of longtime organizer and show-runner Tim McGrane, who left Blackhawk to become the CEO of the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula.

In its place however, is a new up-and-coming car show that has the potential to rival the former Blachhawk Cars and Coffee, at a more appropriate venue no less. The bi-monthly Monterey Cars and Coffee has now become Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee!

Thanks to Tim McGrane and Anthony Jiminez, this last Cars and Coffee event had over 400 cars on the lake bed of the legendary race track, during a track day! Imagine walking around some interesting vintage cars while weekend racers are tearing up the Andretti Hairpin. It certainly adds to the ambiance of the show!

To top it all off, I even had my car on display next to the Cooper Tires Bridge! I’ve transitioned from spectator to participant!



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