The Miata Reunion 2023 at Sonoma Raceway

Way back in 2019, I attended the 2019 Miata Reunion at Laguna Seca. That year was the 30th Anniversary of the Miata, so it was naturally a massive event! Sadly, it also marked the last time the Miata Reunion would be held at Laguna Seca, because of Mazda no longer sponsoring the race track as of 2018. However, that year was extremely important, as it marked my decision to go back to college thanks to a chance meeting with Tom Matano! Since then, the celebration hasn’t returned to California, until now! This year, the 2023 Miata Reunion came to Sonoma Raceway, and was celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the NB Miata! So naturally, I needed to attend with my own 2003 Shinsen Miata!

So, I went down early Saturday morning with the intention of camping with my friends in the Miata Monday Meets Crew. While I ended up not staying for the night because of a rainstorm, I still had a lot of fun! I even joined the parade laps with over 600 other Miatas! Please enjoy this gallery from the 2023 Miata Reunion at Sonoma Raceway!

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2023 – Day 2

Day 2

The announcements over the loudspeakers in the RV parking echoing into the fog-covered racetrack below jolted me awake. I rolled myself from my perch inside the RV. I spent 20 hours awake the previous day, and I was surprised I was so well-rested! The second day of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2023 was about to begin. I had planned to make the most of it!

I decided to hike up towards some of my favorites spots on the higher sections of the track. This included the outside of Rainey Curve and underneath the bridge just past the Corkscrew. In previous years, I got some spectacular shots on the outside of the Corkscrew, and I hoped I could again catch lightning in a bottle! This day’s racing did not disappoint! Please enjoy this gallery of Day 2 of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2023!