Gordon Murray’s T.50 Hypercar is the McLaren F1 2.0

A drawing of the GMD T.50 provided for the press release from Gordon Murray Design
The Gordon Murray Design T.50 is the McLaren F1 2.0! Featuring a 4-Liter V12, a lightweight carbon chassis, and a fan system providing downforce, the T.50 is set to redefine with makes a supercar again. Image © 2019 Gordon Murray Design.

Is this the return of the analog supercar?

Anyone who knows anything about cars knows about the McLaren F1. The brainchild of legendary engineer Gordan Murray, the McLaren F1 completely redefined what made a supercar. In fact, it could even be considered the first hypercar, thanks to its revolutionary engineering and exclusivity. Now, Gordon Murray is at it again; he’s developing the McLaren F1 2.0.

The Gordon Murray Design T.50 marks the 50th car design Murray has done, and this one is a doozy! A carbon-monocoque chassis, three-abreast seating, and a fully manual transmission are featured in the design. Included is a Cosworth V12 engine producing 650 horsepower, and is capable of reaching 12,000 RPM without a flywheel!

An improvement upon the original?

This isn’t even the craziest thing about this car. Apparently, the T.50 is a fan car; downforce is achieved by utilizing a vacuum that creates a low-pressure area under the car, effectively “sucking it” to the ground. There is a slew of famous race cars that utilized this technology, including the Murray-designed Brabham BT46B, and the infamous Chaparral 2J.

Once again, Murray aims to produce the finest supercar ever built. Reportedly, the T.50 would weigh in at under 1000 kilograms and would be slightly smaller than a Porsche 911. Additionally, the car would feature the same principles that guided the design of the F1. Gordon Murray had this to say when describing the T.50:

“I designed the F1 as a sort of super GT car – absolutely road-focused with no plan to go racing, which is why the car set new standards for packaging and luggage space. The T.50 design has the same focus and betters the F1 in every area – ingress and egress; luggage capacity; serviceability; maintenance and suspension set-up. Also, driver-selectable engine maps ensure a driving mode to suit every situation.”

Gordon Murray, GMD T.50 Press Release

Well folks, there it is! The GMD T.50 really is the McLaren F1 2.0! Now if only I could afford it.


Tracy Morgan and a $2-million dollar fender-bender

Another view of the incident between Tracy Morgan's Bugatti and a distracted driver. It looks like they tried to make an illegal right turn from the left lane into Morgan.
OUCH. It looks like the Honda CR-V tried to make an illegal right turn. Photo © 2019 The Drive

What does a $2-million dollar fender-bender look like?

Yesterday, comedian Tracy Morgan bought a beautiful, $2-million dollar Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport in New York City. And in typical New York City fashion, got into fender-bender immediately after driving it off the lot.

Considering the bad luck he’s had, you would imagine that the universe would at least give the guy a break. Unfortunately, chaos took the form of a distracted driver of a Honda CR-V. She apparently decided looking at her phone was more important than driving her SUV.

The even crazier thing is that the driver of the CR-V reportedly didn’t know who Tracy Morgan was. All she knew was that immediately after the accident, Tracy Morgan stepped out of his Bugatti to bang on the woman’s window while screaming “Get the [REDACTED] out of the car!”

While I’m sure that was scary, I don’t sympathize with her. The NYPD officer on the scene reported that she did not have the right of way when the incident occurred. Whether she was on her cell phone or not when the incident happened, I have zero tolerance for distracted drivers. Plus, it’s a $2-million dollar fender-bender! I’d be pissed too if I bought my dream car, only to have a distracted driver immediately hit my car!

I hope she has good insurance!

Holy Hell the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale looks GOOD!

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale from the side/rear
The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

It’s better looking than the LaFerrari!

Although I shouldn’t get excited for a new hypercar, Ferrari has been teasing one for the last couple of days. Imagine my reaction when I opened my news feed this morning to see this gorgeous thing: The Ferrari SF90 Stradale!

The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale seen from the front
The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

Gone are the exaggerated swoopy lines of the LaFerrari. In their place are styling cues from the latest product to come from Pininfarina: The Battista. From the front, the car looks somewhat conservative thanks to the new front air dam treatment and the revised headlights. You can easily see the Battista’s DNA in the car from this angle. The story is the same when you move towards the sides. A revised air intake and sculpted sides complete the resemblance, with the intake moving air under illusionary “flying buttresses.”

The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale seen from the side.
The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

Its most interesting angle I think is from the rear. The rear window and transparent engine cover get a sort of “double-decker” treatment. The termination of the flowing lines from the roof and windows and the flying buttresses make the car look compact. The sculpted rear diffuser and exhaust placement dominate the rear end, and the newly squared-off taillights are definitely a cool touch.

The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale seen from the rear.
The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

Altogether, the entire car actually reminds me of some of the Fioravanti concept cars that came out in the 2000s. In conclusion, I think the new SF90’s design is a conservative but breathtaking departure. The new car also goes as fast as it looks. It comes with a newly-revised 4-Liter twin-turbo V8 making 770 horsepower and three electric motors making an additional 217 horsepower. Together, the whole system makes 986 horsepower and will propel the 1600 kilogram car to 212 miles per hour.

The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale seen from above
The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

The SF90 will come in two models: the “standard” model, and the “Assetto Fiorano” model. The Assetto Fiorano will feature high-tech shock absorbers, carbon fiber door panels, underbody panels, and titanium springs and exhaust. Though I’ll likely never own anything like this, at least I can appreciate the design!

The "Assetto Fiorano" version of the SF90 Stradale seen from above.
A rendering of what the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale “Assetto Fiorano” would look like. Photo © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A., Retrieved from Evo.co.uk

What do you think? Do you like the design of the new SF90 Stradale?

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Porsche 919 Evo
The Porsche 919 EVO blasts through Turn 5 at Laguna Seca.

The Lotus Hypercar has a name now: The Type 130

The new Lotus Type 130 illustrated through computational fluid dynamic modeling, demonstrating it's unique lines and airflow.

- Lotus Cars, 2019
“For the Drivers…with $2.5 Million to burn.” 2019 © Lotus Cars

Though I made my thoughts clear on the Lotus Hypercar, I’m excited for Lotus’ new model. Today, we officially learned what this new car would be called: The Type 130.

The Type 130 Teaser. 2019 © Lotus Cars

Aside from bringing back the nomenclature from the classic years (Type 11, Type 23, etc.), the newly released video by Lotus centers around their new branding effort: “For the Drivers.” The presence of clips of past Lotus race cars and sports cars in addition to clips of their current line up indicates to me that Lotus is hoping to make a connection between it’s history and this new car.

The thing is, a $2.5 million 1000hp Hybrid is still such a radical departure from Lotus’ modus operandi I fear they could be risking alienating their fan base. On the other hand, a Halo car like this could bring the attention and revenue Lotus needs to start developing newer sports cars. Maybe this could also result in a push to sell more cars in the United States?

Either way, I’ll be watching this development very closely. At least this new car looks very interesting!