Toyota is making parts for the MkIII Supra again!

A MkIII and MkIV Supra side-by-side. Photo © 2013 Nick Dufait

Supra enthusiasts rejoice!

As of late, everyone seems to be getting “Supra Fever”. We have a new Toyota Supra coming out after 20 years, and prices for the previous generation are sky-rocketing. It’s a little surprising to learn that the MkIII Supra’s aren’t as sought after as its later brethren. This hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from buying used examples though. Now, Toyota has announced that they are remaking replacement parts for both the MkIII (A70) and MkIV (A80) Toyota Supras!

  • 1992-mkiii-supra-sunroof
  • red-toyota-mkiv-front

This is just part of the latest trend of manufacturers remaking original parts for their now classic cars. Mazda, Honda, and Nissan are all part of this trend; each manufacturer has either announced or started a classic OEM parts program.

Though it may not seem like a big deal, it was cars like the MkIII Supra that created many enthusiasts. In fact, the MkIII Toyota Supra holds a special place in my heart

Influenced by Gran Turismo

When ever I booted up Gran Turismo™ for the PlayStation®, I always started Career mode with the MkIII (MA70) Toyota Supra. Always in red; always with a chip and a sport exhaust. It was incredibly competitive at the lower tiers of racing in that game. With it, won my first Sunday Cup. That virtual car seared itself into my memory, and to this day, I still place that car into my top ten list of cars I would love to own.

I had that same exact car in Gran Turismo! Video by Criken Tearfall. Gran Turismo® and PlayStation™ © Sony, Polyphony Digital.

Since you can still find examples of the MkIII for a good price, I’m excited to hear about Toyota’s plan! If I ever got a MkIII, I wouldn’t have to worry about scrounging eBay for MAF-to-Turbo Intake Hoses!

Well, now I’m going to be spending my afternoon trolling through Craigslist and scheming! Perhaps soon I’ll be bombing around country roads in a MkIII Supra!