I’ve got a Podcast!

So, for the last coupe of weeks I’ve been working on a secret project: a Podcast! I’ve dabbled in podcasting before back in the 2010s, but I’ve never seriously considered doing it again until very recently. Now, I’m happy to say that we’ve officially launched my secret side project: Outta Gas: The Podcast!

What is “Outta Gas”?

Outta Gas: The Podcast was born from a question I was asked by one of my friends, who is now my co-host for the podcast. That question was: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just record our conversations and debates about cars and make it into a YouTube series or something?”

That question had me thinking. It wouldn’t actually be hard to start up a podcast since not only do I have the equipment and know-how, but I’ve got a very close cousin of mine who podcasts as well and runs his own website for his podcasts! So my co-host and I pitched the idea of a car-focused podcast to my cousin.

A few weeks later, and now the first episode is up!

Listen to the first episode here!

Be sure to check out the first episode of Outta Gas: The Podcast on ALittleFireBurning.com! And feel free to browse the other hilarious podcasts on the site, including my cousin’s podcast Where’s My Burrito?!


Ever since I started volunteering my photography to SCRAMP and WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, I always sent copies for their media team to use in their publications, as a sort of “thank you” for letting me work with them. It’s a pretty sweet deal, actually!

So, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised when I get the latest Corkscrew newsletter and recognize some of the photos, but I’m hella surprised!

These look familiar!

The first two photos I shot at the Monterey Cars and Coffee event at Laguna Seca back in May 2018!

The next photo is from March of this year from the new Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee!

I’m still in shock! I mean, I actually accomplished something! I’m not some bum with a camera and wishful thinking!

I’ve been working really, really hard and questioning whether or not what I’m doing is right or if I should just pack my bags and go back to the East Coast. But after seeing this newsletter; I’m even more determined than ever!

See you at the track!

I’m back!

After a short hiatus, I’m back again! And guess what? I’ve just received my press pass for the 2019 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion!

The next couple of weeks are going to be the busiest I’ve ever been!

Another photo from one of my latest adventures. More coming soon!