Is the NSX Type R making a comeback?

The Acura NSX “Dream Project” from SEMA 2017. Could the new NSX-R look like this? Photo © 2017 James Wong,

This might be just what Honda needs

Since the launch of the hybrid NSX, Honda/Acura has been having a rough go moving units. Despite its good looks, great performance, and great gas mileage, interest in the car has waned. It’s gotten to the point that dealers are slashing prices with huge rebates in order to sell more cars. Right now is probably the best time to get Honda’s hybrid supercar. You might want to hold off on that though. Apparently, the legendary NSX Type R is making a comeback!

The original NSX Type R was a potent machine; designed for track days and carving through canyon roads. While the original NSX was around 2900 pounds, the Type R managed to shave off a little over 200 pounds. In addition to the lightened chassis, the Type R used a more aggressive suspension. The Type R (now called the NSX-R) returned in 2002 with the same tried-and-true formula. Thanks to those modifications, both cars were able remain competitive even as rival machines became more powerful.

  • The original NSX Type R
  • The 2002 Honda NSX-R

If Honda is indeed making a new version of the NSX-R, this might be a chance to address the issues of the current-gen NSX. As I stated before, it’s not exactly selling like hotcakes right now. One of its current complaints is the lack of performance compared to its rivals. Maybe the new NSX-R will be a track-focused machine like its predecessors? I can imagine a version where both the electric motors and the engine get a significant power boost, while the body has lighter-weight panels and aerodynamics reminiscent of the NSX-GT3 race car.

Only time will tell come October at the Toyko Auto Salon.

The NSX-GT3 Prototype driving in the rain.
The NSX-GT3 could be the inspiration behind the new NSX-R. Photo © 2016 Maxim